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Palna (Bal Ashram)


An initative by Surman parivar to take care of deprived, underprivileged, below poverty, under nutrition, drug addict, destitute and abandoned children.; where children of all age group irrespective of their caste, creed or religion can live in one house as a family. They should get all that a child deserves.

1. Parents (Manan –Maa & Surander Ji- Father), Brothers and Sisters.
2. Education, Free Nutrished Food, Accommodation, Health Awareness, Free Medicines etc.
3. Place to unleash their creativity- Required thrust to master their skills in Sports, Music and Arts (It is used as a way of learning     and encouraging the childrens to express themselves).
4. A routine life any other child who is blessed with genetic family.
5. A vision for Career and basic moral ethical ground to become a good human being and a wonderful future citizen of our lovely    country India.

Surman PALANA has 34 infants and 94 children as of now.